Monday, May 18, 2009

One House ~ Three Generations

When I was four years old, my family moved into the house at 618 Brookside Avenue in Wayne Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania means "Penn's woods" (as in William Penn) and the beautiful old trees frame the beautiful old houses in my neighborhood. It's a really, really lovely in history, loaded with exceptional architecture and perfectly manicured lawns!!

My dad's house is a 'work in progress' ~ his baby. He makes changes here and there...doing much of the work himself. The latest development was a huge new closet that he built in my brother's old bedroom. The current TV room ~ hi def flat screen TV room ~ used to be the dining room. In a photo from my seventh birthday party you can see shelves along the wall with a record player ... circa 1967!! Forty years later, there are no shelves left, the record player is long gone and, while my dad still reads the Sunday paper, Brian gets his news on line...thanks wifi!

My mom and dad, as a young married couple with two little kids bought this, their first home. My brother and I grew up here...played in this neighborhood for hours on hot, humid summer nights. We had a tree house in the back yard in the tree with the rope swing. Today, though the backyard is still fun, the tree is gone (I guess we wore it out!). My kids swung their first base ball bat and enjoyed their first cookouts in this yard! And 45 years later, I went for a weekend visit....

The same back children! One of the things that I love the most about scrapbooking is capturing the passing of time. I enjoyed being at my dads, walking around the house, the yard and the neighborhood and taking time to try and conjure up memories. And, I really enjoyed sitting and sipping coffee and looking through the scrapbooks that I've made for my dad ~ filled with pictures of my childhood and pictures of my kids. I'm glad that my kids have seen where I come from ~ and, more importantly know WHO I come from. Some day I'll be able to sit with my grandkids and show them who they came from and what was important to me ~ and to my dad!

So, stay tuned...I want to fill this blog with ideas, thoughts, quotes, photos and anything else that comes to my mind that has to do with My Memory Art!

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