Sunday, November 20, 2016

Giving ~ Days 19 & 20

To kick off our week of Thanksgiving,
we had some seasonally appropriate visitors this morning!
Gobble, Gobble!

We're looking forward to visiting family
and a week that's
chock full of
that I'm sure will be too numerous to count!

From this weekend's journal:

Give Away: perfectionism. that's all. holiday planning brings out the control freak/perfectionist that lurks inside I'm checking things off the list and chasing away all concerns about not getting it all exactly right.

Give Access: excitement! It's gonna be a good great week - and I'm gonna enjoy the ride!

Give Thanks: Family. Soon to be surrounded by them - kids, parents and a cousin!! Over the moon grateful for our traveling visitors!!


  1. How fun your picture of the visitors. Sounds like you'll have a fun Thanksgiving. :)

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  2. There are so many turkeys here!! My kids love to chase them off the field.