Sunday, March 5, 2017


This is a first for me.
My Christmas cactus filled with blooms once. Beautiful pink buds and blooms! I was sure it was a Christmas miracle. Much to my surprise, she came to life again at the end of February. I can't contain myself. Never, in all my {limited} history of growing things, has a plant flourished like this. I guess she's where she belongs!

Let me back up.
A dear friend gave me this plant in December of 2015. Miss Cactus came to me with a smile, and warmth and the comfort that comes from a simple gesture between friends. I managed to keep her alive until we moved at the end of March, 2016. I really wanted her to survive the move with me. Once in our new home, she got a pretty new pot and her own place in a sunny corner of our living room. I was delighted that, during the summer and fall months, fresh new 'leaves' of green sprouted from each 'branch' {I really should learn cactus lingo...cause I'm pretty sure leaf and branch don't apply...} Next thing you know it was Christmas, and tiny pink buds began to emerge. By mid January there were so many blooms!! As they faded, I was sad to see that bright burst of fuchsia disappear from our winter landscape. 

Back to present day...
As I sit quietly writing this post, my cactus is, once again, in FULL bloom! Mid February brought tiny new buds, and they have quickly filled the corner {and me!} with the bright joys of color and whimsy and possibility. I do believe this beautiful plant has found her home.

This {truly} is a first for me...
Two things struck me, when my dear friend Miss Cactus bloomed for the second time. The first was the thought that maybe, just maybe, I could help plants to thrive....both inside and out. I've wanted to, and taken some small I'm hoping that her growth will spur me along the path towards a green thumb. The second thing that struck me was that, like Miss Cactus, I am home. As she flourishes, I too am flourishing. As she blooms, I too bloom. As I watch her, I know that blooms need not come every season... that there are seasons of rest, and green....and fantastic seasons of bloomin' fuchsia!! I think we are both right where we belong.

Thanks, Lynn....for the friendship, and the little plant that came with me.
And thank, Miss Cactus, for giving me more than I could have ever imagined!!

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