About Me and Mine

My name's Adrienne.
I've celebrated my 50th birthday,
been married to my college sweetheart for almost three decades,
and have sent two great kids flying out of our nest.

I'm a Memory Keeper ~
I love anything that combines photography, people, color palettes and personal reflection.
Real, textured and cut up paper, or digital imagery and text...
the important thing is that our story gets told!

I've been blogging since early 2011.
It started as a way to share about my scrapbooking and crafts...
and has grown into a passion of its own.
I've discovered how much I love need to write.
I've remembered how much I enjoy photography.
And I've met an amazing community of people.

Boston is my home (well, technically my house is located in a NW suburb!)
I grew up outside of Philly and moved to bean-town for college.
Then it was twelve years in Paris.
{yes, the one that's in France}
Then back to beautiful New England.
My husband's from Oregon ~ and in my heart, that's my second home!

I stop and ask myself this....on many levels...all the time.
I'm just a tad introspective with a dash of melancholy.
Always have been.
I digress.
Why blog?
Because I really, really enjoy it.
It's something I do FOR ME.
It lifts me up and pushes me to let out what's inside and brightens my world.

One step at a time.
I've had to learn so much in order to nourish this space.
And I just want to keep growing!

Thanks for stopping by!