Friday, September 23, 2011

The Aisle

The aisle will soon be steps
away. Not months away, not days
away. Mere steps away. Grandparents will
step gingerly, proudly. Linking our heritage
to our hopes. Parents will follow,
one step celebrates, the next remembers...
Her hero's steps are certain. Strong.
With his band of brothers he
marches forward, eager for new beginnings.
Sweet friends step softly, slowly preparing
her path, as they've prepared her
for this day. Then one bears
a ring, and small, innocent fingers
toss pretty petals. All for her.

As her steps keep pace with
the carefully chosen music, her heart
leaps, rushes, dances ahead. He's there.
Beaming. Waiting. Dad steadies her, as
always, until the aisle so long
awaited stretches out behind the bride.


  1. Adrienne, I love all these posts... So much love in them for your daughter and family :)

  2. I love what you have done with pace. You made it perfect for what is going on in your life. What a big step! I wish you all much happiness.

  3. oooohhhhh adrienne, so many emotions, it's almost here!!

    it will be, the time of your life....

  4. I cried, remembering my own pace down the aisle, loving the freedom when I turned to go the other way with my hero's arm. Beautiful.

  5. This will be framed... in my new home... with a picture of Daddy and me walking down the aisle.

  6. Your daughter is going to have such an amazing wedding! She is truly blessed to have such an amazing mother during this time!

  7. Adrienne, this is so touching. I am so excited for your daughter and for your family as you all embark on such an exciting new chapter. I feel blessed to share in it.

  8. I love watching brides walk down the aisle - despite all the people surrounding them all you see is the emotion on their face.

  9. This is SO touching, Adrienne. I really like the image of her father steadying her and the memories of older generations and their traditions and heritage. I LOVE marriage!!

  10. You have captured a delicate moment perfectly.

  11. this is really, really beautiful and took me back to my wedding day. so excited for theirs :)

  12. I can feel the love through your words.

  13. You can see it already!

    Love everything about this. :)

  14. So lovely. And so exciting. Enjoy the joy!