Friday, January 13, 2012

From Lost to Found

LOST a freind a while
back. Gave into fear and confusion
and dysfunctional group politics. To call
it what it was....I was
selfish. Lazy. Not kind enough to
sit down, reach it
out. Lucky for me the roots
of our friendship run deep. Lucky
for me she held out her
hand and invited me back into
her life. And her heart. In
our way we share sisterhood. And
celebrate milestones - marriages, baptisms, graduations and
championships - as family does. We share
courage, laughter, exhaustion, faith...and the
comfort born of a friendship FOUND.

{This past Sunday we got to share in the beautiful baptism of a young woman ~ the daughter of my dear, refound friend. So when this Six Word Friday topic was "Lost and Found" I knew right away what I'd share about today! My daughter took all the photos.}

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  1. Oh, Praise the LORD that you got your friend back!

    Your daughter is a great photographer! I love the one on top the best!!

  2. Obviously your ties to each other were able to withstand some time apart. True friendship.


  3. I've found that friendships with other women are so important yet, somehow, can be so difficult. I think it's because we expect more.

    I'm glad to know you "found" your way back together.


  4. No better way to describe it. Wonderful!

  5. Admitting our mistakes in friendship can be so hard. You are brave to do so. :)

    Love the photos and the beauty of understanding what you lost and have found again.

  6. I'm so glad you found your way back. The photos are beautiful

  7. How great to have your friend back...I am happy for both of you!

  8. real friendships survive anything and everything. what a beautiful story, you are both very lucky!!

  9. What a great thing to have found again! And what a joyful post to celebrate it. :)

    I love Melissa's photos, the one at the top especially. She caught some great moments!

  10. How wonderful!! Glad you guys found your way back to each other. :)

  11. I went through a similar situation with one of my dearest friends. She and I found our way back to each other and are stronger than ever. I am so happy for you and yours. Lovely photos, Melissa!

  12. So happy we found our way back to each other last year. True friendships are worth fighting for.