Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Digging Deep

I think we all have moments when we feel like the earth is
falling out from under us.

Sometimes its just the slow stripping away of our sanity -
one temper tantrum,
bank over draft or
lost set of car keys at a time.
From time to time there's a life altering storm, 
and the ground really does wash away.

I stood and looked at these roots.
And noticed that even in the middle of the winter,
the roots are reaching for soil.
The rain nourishes.
The sun sends its goodness.
The tree will fight for itself.
And the elements of the earth around it will fight for it too.

I'd like to think I'm like this when times get a bit tough.
Fighting for myself.
And secure in the knowledge that there are many
loving me and fighting for me too.
Easier said than done, right?

Black and White Wednesday


  1. Such a great picture and I love how you interpret it as fighting! I would have never seen it that way! simply beautiful.

  2. that is just a gorgeous picture & I immediately thought how we are nothing without a solid foundation. This needs to be framed & hung somewhere!

  3. I loved driving in the Pacific Northwest with my son...that is where i learned that what i thought were dead trees that had fallen over were really “feeder’ trees...sort of like a mom feeding her child while in the womb. Your capture is stunning, and we all really do fight the good fight to live and prosper. Your analysis is wonderful. You are both a gifted photographer and writer. genie

  4. As long as you know, other are right there fighting with you ( and for you!), everything will be fine!

    Great picture of that old tree!

  5. The photograph is gorgeous.When times are tough we realize what we are made of. Great capture.

  6. What a wonderful photo!I loved reading what you wrote.


  7. This photo is so wonderful in black and white. Because our lives are so NOT just black and white, are they? Love this.

  8. What an amazing photo. Isn't it interesting how calm things look above ground when there is so much going on below the surface? hmmm....

    Your words make lovely poetry here. Keep up the fight. Put down those roots and stay firmly planted!