Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Sundown

Today I'm linking up with a community of writers known as Bigger Picture Blogs. We were paired up with other bloggers to collaborate on a post in honor of the Bigger Picture Blog's second blog-a-versary! My writing partner, Julie, blogs HERE - working with her was a JOY!! The prompt we were given was the song My Sundown from Jimmy Eat World. Enjoy!

I see it around me, I see it in everything.

The phones, the paper shuffling and the office supplies that fill my days leave me restless and longing for more. The truth is, they exhaust me. Lifting my eyes and listening to my heart, I know I’m called to decorate this world, not to help keep it organized.

Surrounding me, my little world is so raw leaving me feeling exposed and draining the energy from my body with every movement I make. Something needs to change within. All signs point to using my talents, to put things in writing and to live life like there is no tomorrow. I need to show the strength that I have within and be the person that I am created to be.

I could be so much more than this.

The longing to express myself is very powerful. This dream gets diluted as the whispers of insecurity, doubt and fear inject their poison. Deep down, I know the potential is in me - the talent to write, to create. I just know it.

Hearing from others how much talent lies deep down inside makes me believe that the change is possible. That opening up to share the beauty of the words will not only help me discover the beauty within myself but in others. To invent other realms and see the possibilities of what this world may offer.

I'm gonna be so much more than this.

What’s the antidote? How can I dilute the poison instead of letting it suck the life out of my dreams? This is the answer. As I sit here and write, I know the answer is in the doing. In diving in and putting myself through the process. I am determined to just keep doing it.

Having confidence that this change will propel me into a life I had no idea was possible, makes me feel like I am opening myself to those around me. The feelings coursing through my skin... my veins... my nerves... my heart generates a feeling within me that makes me believe I am more alive than I have felt in ages. It keeps a smile on my face as everything within me feels like it is about to burst forth to share this true calling.

I wanna be so much more than this.

And with the doing, comes the letting go - the letting go of the words. Whether I’m sending the words out to readers, or simply covering journal pages, I’m admitting to myself how much I want to be doing just this. To be writing more and more.

The desire to do something bigger than what I ever thought possible catapults my dreams into taking the forefront of my brain, my imagination running wild with the success that will surround me.

With one hand high, you'll show them your progress.
You'll take your time, but no one cares.

The truth is, this isn’t about anyone but me. It’s not as  much about being read, or seen or accepted as it is about journeying through it. It’s about staring down a blank page until it holds little pieces of my soul.

There will be those that doubt and rain on my parade, but I will keep believing. I will keep trusting that this is what is meant to be in my life. The words that emerge from my mouth, my hands, my fingers hold my dreams and lifeblood. I am made for taking chances.

Good Goodbye, I'll be fine.

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  1. What a great post. I love the song too! Your words and writing are inspirational, remember that!

  2. Good luck to you, Adrienne, in living your creative life!

  3. Beautiful post! I loved the line "I am called to decorate this world not organize it." Too often I feel as though I am so busy cleaning up, that I am not using the gift God gave me to make His creation even more beautiful.

  4. The picture and the last bits of the words are so perfect for each other. The ending, the resolution, the sunset :)

  5. and with the doing comes the letting go! yes yes!

  6. staring down a blank page until it holds little pieces of my soul. ~ I relate to every word of this sentiment and every word of the post. Wonderful!

  7. Oh this leaves me with a great and gentle peace. It was so perfectly worded, I felt the words. And I legging go... yes! Just perfect. Perfect visual/perfect words.


  8. 'It's about staring down a blank page until it holds little pieces of my soul.' Oh, this! Really the entire work is chock FULL of lovely wisdom.

    Thank you for this! It's wonderful!

  9. You are called to create and decorate this world. Keep writing and creating because your passion will turn this dream into reality. Hugs.

  10. I'm assuming the picture is yours the words Julie's? (Just from what I know of you two!) Such a lovely collaboration and I didn't see the song a the end so now I much go back and read while listening to it!

  11. Oh Adrienne & Julie, this is seriously making me teary-eyed. I'm listening to your song as I read, and this post is just so wistful. And BRAVE. Go for it, my friends. You both have a beautiful talent. Believe in it. Make it priority.

    And what a gorgeous photo too!

  12. I loved working with you on this -- it was something that stretched me and made me think about things in a new way. Thank you -- and I look forward to getting to know you more in the future!

  13. This - "Whether I’m sending the words out to readers, or simply covering journal pages, I’m admitting to myself how much I want to be doing just this. To be writing more and more." - I love, because I get it, completely. Writing, creating are as much a part of me as breathing and I give HUGE credit to Bigger Picture Blogs for giving me the confidence and purpose to continue and expand my writing. This is just so good - thank you so much for sharing!