Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just a thought...

He called on Tuesday, as he does...talkative. Lots of plans, some questions. A request or two.
A twenty-two year old, approaching the end of his college days...with thoughts of the future - of jobs and budgets and, his mind. He's currently scheming with some friends and trying to plan a great graduation trip.

I got off the phone with him, and she texted me a picture of her new puppy. I should say their new puppy. In two weeks it will be time to celebrate a first wedding anniversary! They're off to a great start ~ it's been a celebration worthy year. Even so, like us, they juggle money and the stress of life choices and job ups and downs. For now, it's all sunny...cause did I mention, they just got a really cute puppy?

As I was looking at Max, the puppy, I walked back downstairs where my scrapbooking friends were chatting and filling albums with images of their kiddos.

I said, "Anyone want to trade a 22 year old for a 10 or 11 year old?" No one said anything. I tried again, and didn't get any volunteers for a trade. Sigh.

And we all know I don't really want to trade. I was just hit with a wave of mourning for the loss of their childhood. Not the loss of my days of mothering young ones, but the loss of their carefree, imagination filled, giggle laden childhood days.

In the scheme of things, it doesn't last that long...and every mom of grown kids tells the young moms to savor every minute cause it passes quickly. And savoring is good. But it's also for us...the moms. So, while you're savoring...I'll just throw in my two cents.

Don't rush them.

Help them to soak up and enthusiastically enjoy every moment of childhood.
Because it goes by quickly for them too.

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  1. Awww this gave me chills. Beautiful writing Adrienne. I am that mother of a young child (3) and it is already going too fast. Thanks for the beautiful post this morning!

  2. I am grateful to have read this beautiful post. The perspective, the reminder.... poignant and insightful. I will hang onto these words. My children are still little, and these reminders become a part of me.

    Thank you. I am going to share this on my Facebook page.

  3. I find it a bit ironic that the older you get, the more you appreciate time....and it is at that exact moment that it starts to fly by even more quickly. Sigh.

  4. The most common piece of advice I heard when I was pregnant with my first was to savor the precious moments of her childhood. In all this time I never stopped to think about how to help her savor these days for herself. We forget that it's only an illusion that time speeds up the older we get. The days are flying for her too, even though she doesn't realize it yet. You've got me thinking...

  5. You had better believe it! I love them as grown amazed by them as grown ups. But, oh! how I miss them as little ones at the same time.

  6. Lovely thoughts, beautifully expressed. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  7. Aww I know this goes by so fast and we worry and we realize that we can no longer control their decisions. This made me sad as you know..I miss my baby too but I have to accept that he has his life to live.Hugs to you.

  8. beautiful!! i love what kathy said, it's so true!!

  9. oooohhhh and what a cute photo!!

  10. It's hard watching them leave the nest, but in a few more years you'll be surprised at how wise they are and what good friends they become.


  11. This is beautiful. It's funny how when I'm in the thick if an age or stage it seems so hard but when it's over I miss it. One day they'll be grown up and I know I'll miss having them underfoot :)

  12. It does go by fast! You can take comfort in the fact that you've done an amazing job raising them and have prepared them for all of the craziness adulthood brings!

  13. I always appreciate the pieces of wisdom you share from your vantage point, Adrienne ... maybe because I lose sight so often and can't see the forest through the trees. <3

  14. YES! Let them be children as long as they can...

  15. SO true, Adrienne..... so true. I really can't add anything...except, as the mother of a 32 year old, I know exactly what you mean!

  16. I linked this post in my blog here and quoted you (a comment you left on another blog) I hope that's ok with you!

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