Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Best Gift {Bigger Picture Moment}

Stress swallowed me whole at about six o'clock on Christmas day.

Turns out, the brakes on my car were shot - started hearing a funny noise on Christmas Eve...and when my son used the car Christmas day, we knew it was time to take the car in. Quickly.

Especially because there's a road trip happening. My brother and I are driving from Boston to Philadelphia to spend four days with my dad. This is a rare treat - a never before {who knows if ever again} rare treat. And I'm happy about this. Very. About time with my brother, and time with my dad...and a little time away.

But have you ever been happy/sad? Or happy/stressed? As Christmas dinner was winding down, the lists started churning in my mind. Laundry, packing, maps, brakes....all this with work on the day between 'brake emergency' and 'road trip'....add to that feelings that come with travel - it's been a really long time since I've been away from my husband for four days. I've never been away from him at this time of year. Throw in the tension that always accompanies my mom's visits (and there have been two of those in two days - eek!) .... well, I was sliding quickly down that slippery slope towards the pit where 'cranky-mess-of-a-me' tends to hibernate.

At the end of the day, after the dishes were done and the candles blown out, I climbed the stairs, walked into our familiar bedroom, and melted into my flannel pajamas. I got a little teary, putting words to the feelings ... telling the man that knows me so well things he could have guessed to be true. He knew how to tell me he'd miss me. And reminded me how important and special it was to get to go. He rubbed my shoulders, held my hand and brought reason, perspective, comfort and love to the end of our Christmas day.

Those few moments...those moments of being known and loved and taken care of...that was my favorite gift on Christmas day. This man...who has helped to untangle the most hurt parts of me over many years...this man who brings laughter to the faces of my children as, together, they shine the light that gets me out of my serious, dark places....this man who's faithfully there - really there - every morning and every night. This man I love....the one who continues to help me unpack...yes, this man's the best gift I'll ever be given this side of heaven.

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  1. Thank God for loving and caring husbands. I'm glad you were able to melt in your flannels and unburden your worry with your hubby.


  2. What a blessing. This reminds me of that old, old term for a spouse..."helpmate".

  3. You make me teary ... my husband has been on overdrive with reassurance and helping me unpack this year amid all the craziness and crisis. And it's the most beautiful gift ever, you are right. I hope you enjoy your time with your brother and dad.

  4. We are the lucky ones Adrienne! Have a wonderful time, relax and enjoy the time with your dad!

  5. Beautiful post. These ARE the greatest gifts of all.

  6. So true! We are fortunate women - those who have husbands who treasure us and put us first- It is a gift worth treasuring!!!