Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black and White Wednesday: Silhouettes

Angels on a hill
and ducks on the pond...
I drive past the angels several times a day
and visit the ducks almost every day.

There's been something about the light this week.
For one thing, there's been more of it....more blue skies and longer days.
In the late afternoon,
as the sun sets,
some of the ordinary in my day to day has been transformed...

For me, just a simple reminder...
I really believe there's no limit to the things we can discover
if we allow new sources of light
to enter our minds.
our hearts...
our lives.
Light illuminates and
changes our perspective.
Light transforms.
I love the light.

Joining with my friends
who share the little things that 
help us see the
Bigger Picture

And showing up {late} for the Black and White linky!
Sorry! Please link up if you'd still like to!


  1. Beautiful photos. Sometimes that light is "just right"!

  2. Ahhhh, yes ... when we allow light in, we see more than what we were seeing. Isn't that true. Even though it's COLD here, I've been enjoying the last two nights' sunsets and remembering that light is winning more and more each day as we approach spring!

  3. Really, really wonderful shots!

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love the light..when the days get longer, I am always happier.

  5. Wow! The light in the sky is art and poetry in one.

  6. I love the light, too!


    The picture of the ducks flying is exquisite.

  7. Quite possibly the most beautiful combination of pictures and words I have ever seen. So very deep. It's one of those that can be processed on a different level every time it's read!

  8. i love light!! it makes me happy!!

    your images are really beautiful!!