Thursday, June 6, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Joy

Drip - the baby holds our finger
Drop - stockings full on Christmas morn
Drip - a note comes by mail
Drop - the morning latte tastes divine

Drip - warm, doughy chocolate chip cookies
Drop - a sunset over the pond
Drip - the book that mustn't end
Drop - the kids laughing at dad

Drip - a tease, kiss...a hand held
Drop - songs around the camp fire
Drip - a bouquet of golden sunflowers
Drop - tender mercies, new every morning.

Like a refreshing spring rain, our
joys fall gently, one drop at
a time. Like the open bud
collects the water, our heart holds
each joy, and swells to overflowing.

My Memory Art


  1. You always amaze me, Adrienne! This is beautiful in so many ways....

  2. LOVE your, so, so true.
    We just have to SEE.
    Thank you. xoxox.
    p.s. And wonderful photos!

  3. Warm, doughy chocolate chip cookies = Joy! I really like that line :)

    Such beautiful pictures. The fuzzy background effect really sets off the close-up images.

  4. This is a wonderful post, love your words and the photos are beautiful.
    I´ve joined "six words fridays" for the very first time, thanks for hosting!