Monday, June 23, 2014

Good. Random. Fun!

Such a beautiful weekend here in New England! 
Our little swan family has now lost four of their seven babies...
I know this is all part of nature's way,
but it's hard to watch.
It's a good walk around my pond whenever I get to spend a little time
with the graceful swans!

Going through some old photos last week,
I found these two random shots of my boy...
We fell in love with soccer when we lived in France
{as you can tell from his clothes!}
and are still rooting for "les bleus" in our house!

I spent a few hours at the pond with my husband on Friday...
even made him sit and watch the sunset with me.
It's been a while since I've stayed this late at the pond.
So fun to hang with him on the {almost} longest
day of the year!

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  1. Such a gorgeous weekend! Makes you forget the long hard snowy nights!

    I am really an England fan, but after last night - USA baby!!

  2. Gorgeous shots of the pond, a really beautiful sunset!

  3. So sad for the cygnets. It's hard not to get attached. Lovely images of the pond, anyway. Love these throwbacks of your little footie boy. I'm definitely pulling for USA, and France!

  4. French soccer was on at my house this weekend too.
    Such potential beauty lost with the life of those small birds. Reminds me how precious the remaining ones are.

  5. Stunning photographs...I'm such a sucker for sunsets too.

  6. Such a fun time for soccer fans!! I am so happy your hubby shared this special place and special evening with you!!