Sunday, June 1, 2014

Keep on Walking

I got up and started walking...
I had no one to meet
And I had no taste for talking.

I walked into the morning light
    and felt the warm sunlight
    forming on my shoulders
Cos it hit me with no warning
    like a summer sky
    storming in my lungs.

Like a stone carried on the river
Like a boat sailing on the sea
Oh, I'll keep on walking.
Well....I'll keep on walking..."

{Keep on Walking by Passenger}

On days like this
With a place like this right around the corner
How can I NOT keep on walking?!

Even when I step in a hole
{accidentally, of course}
and give myself a bloody knee
and send my camera flying into the dust
I will keep on walking.
Don't worry...the camera's fine.

As I was limping down my favorite path,
after said fall,
I couldn't help but chuckle...
First of all - I was way more worried about my camera than my bloody knee.
Then I couldn't help thinking about all those
falling down and getting back up platitudes.
Somehow, in this sunny, green, breezy, sweet smelling, bird chirping place
they all actually seemed true.
I didn't even consider not continuing.
Just dusted off...caught my breath...
and kept on walking.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry you fell, but glad you're ok.

    Such a great lesson for life though - and what an amazing place! I need to check this out during the summer!

  2. And THAT is a sign of someone who leads a life headed by positivity....they just dust themselves off and move forward (but soooo glad the camera AND the knee are ok!). That first shot...WOW...I'd love to see that. IT's like a tunnel of green that calls you to it. Fantastic leading line that draws you right in. Thank you for linking up to Song-ography!

  3. Sorry to hear you fell, but your camera is OK, so that's what matters most :) I understand that!Your post made me smile. I love the peaceful path surrounded by trees . . .

  4. Very nice photos. Reminds me of a covered arbor in Mirabel Gardens (used in the SOM) in Salzburg.

  5. Very nice photos. Reminds me of a covered arbor in Mirabel Gardens (used in the SOM) in Salzburg.

  6. Very nice photos. Reminds me of a covered arbor in Mirabel Gardens (used in the SOM) in Salzburg.

  7. Super photography! Looks like a great place.

  8. I would walk to that place too. Glad your knee and your camera are fine! xo

  9. Very beautiful and positive post. I am glad to hear both your knee and your camera are o.k. I probably would have done the same: Check the camera, then the knee, then dust off and move on :)

  10. whether walking or in life in general - really all we can do is pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and carry on. I would have been more worried about my camera as well. Beautiful scenes in each of these.

  11. I'm glad you were not hurt any worse. Bloody knees do hurt though too. Beautiful pictures.

  12. I did a quiet chuckle when I read your words about the camera being okay...and saw myself in what you said and did!

    Glad you are okay. What a lovely place for a walk!

  13. awesome post - and I never heard of passenger before - thanks - and cool photos!! :)

  14. The pitfalls of the photographer's eye perhaps--glad all are well!

  15. Glad you weren't seriously injured and the camera is okay. Those are absolutely stunning photos.

  16. Love the leafy path... so enticing.. and the reflection shot it just breath-taking


  17. really beautiful....really telling of who you are!!

    both images are beautiful but that second one is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!!