Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Speak louder...Give meaning...

It's not that I want to do less.
Quite the opposite, actually. It seems, these days, that I have no shortage of ideas and goals that bubble to the surface. It's quite exhilarating! When this word - rest - came to me last week, it seemed, at first, like the opposite of what I wanted to journey towards this year. I almost dismissed it as a choice that was too inactive. Too passive. Not bold enough! But in the middle of this thought process, I got a daily quote email that read:

"Rest is not idleness. To lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time." Sir John Lubbock

Yes. This is the quote that popped up on my phone as I was talking myself out of choosing "rest" as my word. So...it seems, once again, that my word has chosen me! My initial thoughts for this coming year target two specific areas of my life....but I'm sure this concept will spill over into each and every corner and crevice in ways I can't yet foresee.

To begin with, I want to sleep more. Really sleep. Even as I type this I can feel the resistance in my head and heart. I've told myself many times over this last week, "Don't put this out there!" You don't really HAVE to tell everyone that you're working on your sleep patterns.....working on everything from sleeping position to ambiance to consuming all your water before 4:00 so you won't spend the night in the little girls room... I mean, who wants to know all this?!? Well...it's when that resistance surfaces that I know I'm on the right track. I don't want to sleep "properly" .... I mean, I want to want to - but when I'm completely honest, I'm not there yet. And this is huge. The next big {giant} step forward on my health journey is to sleep well. Each and every night!

Along with surrendering myself to the physical work {yes, I know....it's very odd to consider sleeping well 'work'...what can I say - I can be stubborn} I'm longing for an inner "zen" - a peace that passes understanding. Interestingly, I've been closer to this place these last few years than ever before in my life. But, again, just keeping it real, I also haven't done all that much! I've spent less time with friends, hosted fewer workshops in my home and am still miles away from launching the small business I dream about. Don't misunderstand me - I'm OK with this. Not upset with myself, or down on myself at all! I just feel ready to move forward...to add more into my schedule and strive to get more accomplished. The conundrum? How to do this without increasing stress! How does one grow more active externally and grow more still inside? This is my quest...and my question!

And, my hope is that this year I will 
                             "Speak louder than the words before you
                               And give them meaning no one else has found!"
                                                     {A Great Big World}

That's not asking too much, is it?

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  1. Rest is a great word!

    After the stress of my mom and my general "always on" brain I started on melatonin before break and have gone back to my 9:30 in bed time and need to work on just turning on now that life is back to its insane self.

  2. Rest is probably one of the most underrated aspects of life and a most perfect choice of motivational words. We can not do/give/achieve to our fullest potential without rest; and the value of mentally/physically/spiritually refueling far outweighs its cost.

    Great choice.

  3. rest ... what a great word. I adore the quote by Sir John Lobbock. Sometimes in our busy lives, just alittle rest during the day is just what we need to recharge!

  4. I'm pretty sure the answer is in the resting and in prayer. There is so much that does not need to be said or done and when that is cleared out there is room for the rest and the moving forward. And, for me, it usually goes differently than I thought it should but surprisingly, much better.

  5. Rest. It's the best medicine and remedy we can give ourselves. Whether it be actual physical, mental or spiritual. And it is the EXACT thing I never seem to allow myself. I love your idea for this coming year. MIght have to steal some of it for myself. Thanks for sharing at Song-ography.

  6. Rest...I love it. Perfect word to recharge you for all you want to do this year.

  7. it's a great choice, I'm glad it found you!!!

    and I am always shaking my head as I read your words, we are so much alike!!!

  8. I love love love that word.... beautiful choice. Here's to 2015, the year of Rest.

  9. Yup, that is the million dollar question. How does one add more to the schedule to get things done without feeling more stressed. I haven't quite found the balance between these two things, but have had to because of my sons illness chosen to rest more, in mind, heart and soul. But...I think I'm ready to tackle some things that have piled up in the meantime in between the tides. Rest...it's a very good word!

  10. I think a restful heart can accompany doing more when that more is following your dreams instead of a to-do list formed more to meet others' expectations than our own. That is a shift I think so many women feel the need to make, feel a little guilty about making, and would feel a whole lot more at peace and restful if they did make. Or maybe that's just me!
    ~May@Achieving Clarity

  11. Great word, especially the way you put it. And it's ok to share our goals. It makes us more accountable, even to ourselves if we write it down and put it out there. Visiting here from Mama Kat's...

  12. This is a really great choice. We live in such a GO GO GO world! Rest is always a good thing.

  13. I love your quote by Sir John Lubbock. Rest is a good word. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  14. I agree! Rest rejuvenates us! I accidentally took a nap last week and I couldn't believe how much better I felt. I was nicer, more energetic and more creative at the end of the day when typically I'm dragging so hard! I've been masking my exhaustion with coffee, but now realize that coffee is pushing me through but not really refreshing my system like I need. All that to say...more naps. ;)