Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Black & White Wednesday ~ Mt. Hood

In order to get from my in-law's place in Central Oregon
to the airport,
we have about a two and a half hour drive
through flat lands
and woods...

...and over a mountain.

Mt. Hood looms large,
and is always a fantasitc sight to see.
The rocky peak, that towers above the timber line,
plays hide and seek with us during the whole trip.

I'm never quite sure
 which bend of the road will lead us to this stunning view.

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  1. These are stunning - I love the one with the signs to Portland and Hood River!

    As beautiful as the mountain is, it's sad to see it with so little snow.

    I really hope we can meet next year when you come - I'm only 10 minutes from the airport...you probably go right by my house, or at least within a mile.

  2. MT. Hood is rather majestic, isn't it?

  3. Mt Hood is such a magical area. I love the view of the mountain with Trillium Lake in the foreground. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. I just love the views in Hood River!

  5. Beautiful! Thank you for linking up with us

    - Susanna / Pieni Lintu

  6. Just love these as always...very sharp images!

  7. Simply stunning. Mt. Hood is beautiful and you've done it proud with these wonderful photos.

  8. Mount Hood is beautiful! Must reach a high altitude since it has still so much snow.

  9. These are fabulous! Love them in black and white. Just love the perspective of the first one.

  10. Beautiful! Our mountains in the east are not as tall.

  11. I know the feeling about 'what scene is around the corner?' when we take a trip around Mt Taranaki. Your photos are beautiful, I love the details of the mountain.

  12. Wow! Beautiful captures. Mountains always make me feel so small and remind me of how big and awesome this place is.

  13. Love the mountain and the Pacific Northwest!

  14. it's a super gorgeous spot....you make it look awesome in black and white!!!!

    i do enjoy the view, through your eyes!!!