Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Black & White Wednesday ~ Cascade

At a time of year when most leaves are falling, it seems odd to single out this tree.
But oh my, what a beauty! 
Her heart shaped leaves seemed to be attached just so...dangling like a perfectly-poised-pinterest-inspired-heart themed decoration. Each leaf was a little treasure...but oh, to lift my eyes and stand under the cascading limbs still full, still dripping with goodness.

It's a type of "weeping tree" I'm told...
but I have to say its leaves and branches brought only joy
to this wandering heart.

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  1. That is a beautiful tree and wonderful heart shaped leaves.

  2. Great shots, i like it all.
    The last photo looks like a waterfall of leaves !
    Greetings from Germay

  3. You have what appears to a weeping katsura, indeed lovely.

  4. Wow...really beautiful, especially in B&W!

  5. That first image is stunning...and those leaves...all of those glorious leaves cascading to the ground....beautiful!

  6. Love your cascading tree. Have never seen one so that's great that you shared a picture. Nice. :)

  7. Joining today for b&w Wednesday. What a gorgeous tree and heart shaped leaves..

  8. I can only imagine it in full color - very interesting tree.

  9. Very lovely contribution!! My favorite is the first one - works so great in bw!!

  10. What lovely composition the leaves make. Monochrome brings out all the details so nicely.

  11. oh my goodness what an amazing tree! full of hearts! queen of hearts.
    I really need to do more B&W - loved your first image.
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead. I'm joining you over at Communal Global.