Thursday, November 12, 2015

Into every life....

....some rain must fall. {Longfellow}

When it falls,
I do what any self-respecting iPhone camera loving,
instagramming person does.

I snap picks of the leaves!
The colors are even more vibrant when they're wet!

And, once the skies begin to clear...

...I get that macro lens ready,
and really focus on the raindrops!

So, even though it's true
that into every autumn many drops of rain must fall...
I'm finding little ways to enjoy the chill, the bluster, the gray and the falling leaves.

Just keeping it real, not really ready to embrace the chill....

Joining friends for
Little Things Thursday
and the
Writer's Workshop


  1. I love the rain. Great photos! I can't believe those are taken with your phone. Gorgeous!

  2. So so pretty. It really felt and looked like late fall today!

  3. Oh boy, I really need to get a macro lens!

  4. Such great captures - we are getting so much rain and wind - it is hard to find a leaf sitting still to take pictures.

  5. what a wonderful way to enjoy the rain. thanks for sharing the beauty of such simple things. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  6. So vibrant!! Such a beautiful time for photo opps. :)

  7. OH, these take my breath away. I finally made the switch from Android to IPhone and keep meaning to ask you about your macro shots. Is this a separate lens that attaches to the IPhone or just how do you capture all that goodness?

  8. It helps us appreciate the sun, that's for sure. Love how you made the most of this rainy day. I need a macro lens, too. I had one, but my Ollo Clip didn't fit my upgraded phone. :( Hope your birthday was amazing!