Friday, December 4, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Faith

Stormy, painful, terrifying and grim news
fills our ears, pierces our hearts.
When will it stop, we ask.
Please make it stop, we pray.
We seek out bits of good
and strain to make any sense
out of the onslaught of hate.
So much - so very much - insanity
in the name of ... what? Faith?
So much noise. So much rhetoric.

I believe that sunshine and pretty
puddles will follow each rain storm.
I believe a vibrant, green spring
will follow each cold, gray winter.
But if I am being honest, 
I really struggle to believe that 
peace will ever find its way 
back  into this terror ridden world, 
Oh, I choose to believe that my 
neighbors are decent and kind.
I choose, each day, to treat 
others as I'd want to be 
treated myself. This is my choice.
My weapon of choice. I will
do this small thing. Make this
simple choice. Trying to make it
count...yet not believing it's enough.

Join me. I know you will.
Perhaps, one by one, we will
be able to light the way.

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  1. The world is just so dark and divided right now. So sad.

  2. Love this...

    was going to link up but don't see the linky tool today.

  3. beautiful reflection

  4. refreshing,
    faith is our backbones.

  5. Beautiful reflection shot Adrienne but it was your words that really resonated today. I absolutely agree with you, each time there is a new horror on the news it gets harder to believe it's ever going to stop but as you say we have to look for the many good things that happen every day also.

  6. Lovely reflections in the puddle but what a sad and sick world. You words are lovely.

  7. It is all so very sad and scary. Really excellent image though


  8. There is so much beauty in this world we mustn't give up on it.

  9. I love how the people and the reflection are balanced in this photo. It's really good!