Friday, October 21, 2016

Nail Salon Reflections

This Wednesday was
National "Treat Yourself to a Mani/Pedi" Day.
You didn't know?
I might be making that up.
But these days, if social media is any indication, it seems you can do that.
Just make up "National Days"
I digress....

While at the salon I was playing with a very giggly little girl
{who had the cutest Mickey Mouse nails!}
and I noticed a reflection in the nail salon desk while taking her picture.

of course,
I had to capture a few different reflections
to share!

Happy Friday!!

Joining James for


  1. Always fun to have a special pamper yourself day. - Being a "nail biter" I haven't done mani-pedi's but I bet it would be fun especially if you have a giggly girl to enjoy it with. - Great reflection shots.

  2. Like your "Nails" reflection. Lovely.

  3. Darn my one chance this year for another pedi. Well maybe next year.

  4. i have always taken my nieces and now one has children and i take her oldest!! such fun and great reflections!!!

  5. Those nails are so cute! I totally failed in marking that day ):

  6. Happy Friday back at ya. Nice reflections and nails!

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