Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Giving ~ Day 8

In the green leaves, I see the past. I see the lush shades of summer.
In the yellow leaf, I see the present. I see the dazzling hues of autumn.
In the empty stem, I see the future. I see the barren tones of winter.

In this one glimpse I feel the now...

Breath comes, and I surrender. In that {often} elusive determination, to live in the moment, I find power in this moment. I find power in the notion that every now includes the past and teases the future. It's not to be denied or ignored, feared or hidden. It just is. 

From this morning's journal:

Give Away: Judgement. Criticism. Skepticism. There will be so much coming at us today with all the election stuff.... I give away all the negative noise - not the outside noise that I can't control, but the inside/reaction noise that I can choose to let go.

Give Access: Today I need to let in sadness. I give myself permission to sit for a while with the darker emotions that are swirling.

Give Thanks: Today I'm thankful for learning. Such a gift that we can be forever growing and becoming. Such a gift!


  1. I hope the sadness isn't lingering!

  2. I need to read this again.....and maybe again. Gratitude....a place where I love to linger.