Thursday, November 1, 2012

No Question About It

Here's to Tabitha! Here's to Instagram
and #projectdecor! It's been so inspiring
to join forces, share decorating ideas,
show off our projects and learn
from other folks who love a
successful DIY project! I have decluttered,
rearranged and updated almost every nook 
and cranny of my sweet home.
Digital files actually made their way
into frames, pinterest pins became reality
and I've been inspired to create.

I may not live in a 
mountain valley, at the water's edge
or under the Eiffel Tower, but 
these walls make up my home.
Bringing order, color and a bit
more of "me" to this space
feels good - no question about it!

Every Friday we all share our
thoughts ~ six words at a time!
Please link up and join in!


  1. This is nice, Adrienne. I much prefer having things neat and orderly. Yet, I still have trouble remembering where some things are, at times!

  2. Woops - on my first link i got confused - can you delete? - three cheers for the Nubee

  3. Great story - I enjoyed seeing your project!


  4. Come here next!!! I love the jewellery storage - what a fantastic idea. That would be a really fun way to display Lego figures...hmmm...

  5. Seriously, I'm so impressed! I love the curtains, but my favorite has to be either the over the bed decor or the jewelry thing. mostly cause I'm jealous of all your pretty jewelry!

  6. Everything looks great! So organized. Now you can breathe. :)

  7. Wow!
    Great job...that's a lot of de-cluttering and simplifying.
    Bet you are super happy with the results...I would be!