Friday, December 28, 2012

Six Word Fridays ~ Rest

The billboard said "DINER - easy off -
easy on - Exit 10" Sounded perfect.
We were both hungry and ready 
for a road trip rest stop.

As we neared the exit my
brother's the Newtown exit.
Yes, that Newton. We were silenced.

This place was familiar - I'd stopped
here there were black
ribbons hanging with the Christmas lights.
Baskets for donations. And wrist bands.
Today we remembered. And as we
remembered we shared our hearts, spoke
of our children, of our childhood.
We are glad to be together,
grateful for this special time with
our dad...holding on to the
good. Rest in peace, little ones.

My Memory Art


  1. beautifully written adrienne, so sad to see!!

  2. The heaviness of the clouds expresses the heaviness in our hearts.

  3. How perfect... in a somber, silent, soulful kind of way.