Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Walk

the days grow crisp as I
walk under a bright, winter sun

a hint of autumn red catches
the sun, then catches my eye

leaves have flown, leaving thorns exposed -
thorns and branches, stalks and stems

berries linger long, the more subtle 
reds of winter adorn the landscape

the evergreen, forever green, celebrates the
season while cradling flakes of white

o, 'tis my season - my favorite -
i'd like the promise of a
white christmas...and a long, brisk
walk through some new fallen snow

My Memory Art
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  1. What a nice walk. And it was so much warmer from where I'm sitting. :) Thanks for hosting, Adrienne.

  2. Beautiful pictures and words...I am also looking for a white Christmas! Have missed linking in!

  3. First picture is stunning! And I like the promise of a white Christmas, too.

  4. My boys are longing for snow. I only wish you lived closer so we could go exploring with our cameras!

  5. These are beautiful. I especially love the first with the ultra creamy background. :)

  6. Your photos are gorgeous, and as always, I love your words!

  7. My favorite season as well. Suddenly, snow appeared in our forecast for Wednesday. They were talking about it when I woke up this morning after weeks of saying there was no chance of a white Christmas.
    --and since we've no place to go, I say bring it on!