Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meet Max!

While my daughter and her husband are on vacation,
we get to puppy-sit!
When I got home from work last night
Max was waiting for me...
well, I don't think he was actually waiting for ME -
but that's what he got. 
He wasn't sure what was going on!

Even though it was gray and damp
we got into the car...
yes, I drove my car with a puppy on my lap...
and went to the pond for a walk!
I think he liked this place ~ we'll be back!

This morning,
much more relaxed and comfy
{after a night in our bed, I sure hope so!}
we cuddled while I had my coffee.
It was hard to leave for work today....
but he's got my son to play with at home
and I'll be back before he misses me too much.

Linking up today 
{one of her prompts was "introduce a pet"... how could I not??!?}


  1. Oh Max is a darling pup! :) My mom watches Luna for me when I'm away. It is nice to know she is with someone that loves her- I'm sure that Max feels the very same affection from you.


  2. oh what a cutie, i think you need your own puppy!!

  3. Max certainly looks like he gets lots of attention. Before too long he'll be excited for visits.

  4. Max is soo handsome. Is he a puggle!? If not, he really looks like one :) I bet he loves hanging with you guys. Our dog always stays at my boyfriend's parent's house when we go out of town and now when we turn down their street he starts freaking out in an "OMG IM SO EXCITED!" kind of way :)

  5. Aww he's so adorable!! I just love those wrinkles and those eyes!

  6. Max is a great dog--I'm sure he enjoyed your visit very much, especially the cuddle time with you.

  7. So cute--totally looks like a sibling to my Olive! She also tries to ride on my lap...which is better than under my feet, I guess! Have fun!

  8. He's so cute and LOVE his name!

  9. Aren't you lucky to have Max around and isn't he lucky to have so many people to play with! :)