Friday, May 17, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Count

Winter held on with a vengeance.
Gripping, clawing, gnawing at our last
nerve...we grew so very impatient...

And yet, branches gave us buds
and stems pushed their way through
the cold, stubborn ground. Before we
knew it blooms were too numerous
to count. And bees were buzzing.

With each passing day there were...

magical hints of the glory to come,

sweet purples that dangled from greens,

honeyed wings to carry the gatherers,

sugary magnolias sweetening the setting sun,

dazzling, glowing colors along each street

and decorating our New England towns.

Winter's grasp loosened its hold just
as fear's claws struck, dug in
and tried to hold us down.

Oh, this season means more this
year than ever. Knock us down,
but don't count us out. There
will be buds and plenty of
blooms....because we are Boston Strong.

My Memory Art
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  1. Beautiful! Such glorious descriptions and glowing pictures--I love the honeyed wings!

  2. WoW adrienne, these are just beautiful spring images!!

    you said it eloquently, i'll just say it "we sure did earn it"!!

  3. Spring really does awaken the world in color and beauty. Well done weaving your spring pictures with a poem.


  4. magical hints of the glory to come...I love this and Yes..Boston Strong!!!!!!!!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I'm in love with that first photo! :)