Monday, July 1, 2013

A Wing and a Prayer

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As a young {20 something} believer, my faith revolved around the Christian community that I was a part of. It was a wonderful community. A place I belonged, grew, first true spiritual home. As a young believer the eyes of my heart had been opened to the wonder that is faith. To the security that comes when we meet unconditional love. To the hope that is born as grace shows us a different way. Over time, however, I allowed my faith to become swallowed up by religion....and I allowed the workings and strengthening of my church community to become, when I'm honest, more important to me than God himself. So with many tears, and after almost 30 years, I chose to stop worshiping as a member. That was about five years ago....

What, you ask, does this have to do with a dragonfly?

All I can say to that is - look at those wings.

After so many years of structured church life - I have found myself wandering....spiritually wandering. Not away from God - no, never that...but exploring, looking for other ways to express my faith, deepen my faith and share my faith. There are many days when I miss being a part of a community of believers...and still some days when that highly structured religiousness rears its ugly head and I wonder if I'm not just sloppily, lazily trying to live my faith on just a wing and a prayer.

And I might be. Who knows. But look at those wings.

This photo, of all the shots I took during the month of June, means so much to me. Because it brought me immediately home to the source. To the creator, designer, architect and builder of all. It cut right through the noise that pollutes my mind, opened the eyes of my heart, and brought me right back to that place of awe I knew in my twenties. I know that the one who fashioned those stunning wings for this dragonfly...well he can carry me, hear me and hold on to me through all of my wanderings.

Really....look at those wings!!

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  1. Awesome post. One image bringing so much depth of thought for you and for other too.
    I have never been a church goer or entrenched in a church community...oh I went as a kid and sang in the choir, but that was it. I squirm and fidget and tune out the message.
    I do find myself connected to God, and the universe when I am out in nature-walking when my mind can be more focused than when sitting still. I think I understand where you say you're traveling to.
    The wings are extraordinary and you've captured them, their details. I don't know if you alluded to this, but I almost see them as the structured religion, but now you are the dragonfly taking flight with those beautiful wings behind you and your eyes and being facing forward. They will support you, but not lead you.
    Or maybe I'm just full of it.
    Thanks for the great post. Happy day.

  2. Yes, just look at those beautiful wings. I hear you.

  3. you always write from the heart adrienne. a beautiful image and a powerful post!!

    you know how i feel!!

  4. Wonderful post! I find myself in a similar position with the struggle of church/organized religion and just being in tune with God in my own way. It is such a delicate balance. I like Susan, find myself closest to God when I am out in nature.

  5. The politics of churches is something I can't get away from. I agree with the others that you can be close to God without being in church.

  6. That photo is amazing! As is our Creator. Thank you and Bless you!

  7. Beautiful image! I'm always amazed at the beauty that God created! Even in the tiniest thing in nature there's beauty!

  8. This was just beautiful, Adrienne!

  9. Amen! Just LOOK at those wings. God is always creating ordinary magic. Just think about how complicated our circulatory systems are... Ok. yeah... maybe not as cool as dragonfly wings. Ha!

  10. This is a wonderful post which resonates deeply with me. I have never been part of an organized religion as an adult, but I have found my way to spirituality and I feel close to the Creator of this amazing universe

  11. Fabulous post! I so enjoyed reading it and checking out your blog and photo-heart connection!

  12. That does inspire awe as you consider the delicate and detailed planning that went into those wings. I don't think there is a thing wrong with a faith that can see God at work in the everyday btw.

  13. The Wings are gorgeous! A chance to consider the Miraculous n our everyday lives.
    --Michele at Sweet Leaf, visiting from PHC

  14. some exquisite wings they are.... absolutely amazing
    your words reminded me of a ray bradbury quote:
    "jump, and you will learn to unfold your wings as you fall"
    you've just got to have faith... not religion :-()

  15. I agree those wings are just lovely. And I love what they mean to you!

  16. Ah, such a wonderful post. Yes, I see the wings! They speak of something greater than us, don't they? Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection, and sorry for my delay in coming by. I'm catching up on June along with July!