Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Time for a Give Away!!

These are the tools of my trade. I've been scrapbooking with these amazing tools for over a decade. Right now I'm adjusting to the fact that the company that makes them is going through a rough time...and will probably not be supplying them at all any more. I'm sure, to some, it seems trite - but I am pretty sad about it. I hope that Creative Memories finds its mojo again...the only thing I know is that, with or without them, my scrapbooking will continue!

I am pleased to be sending a scrapbook to my 100th follower! I offered her a choice of themes, and she chose 'renew'...album will be on its way tomorrow!

I love quotes ~ I find them to be a great source of inspiration for both my photography and my scrapbooking. 

For me, the sweetness is in the details. 
And in the offering.

"E - Motion"
This is from a second book made to hold memories of a friend's mom. There's nothing like the precious guarding of our most important memories. It's why I do this...because I really believe it matters.

So, as these books prepare to fly away,
I'm offering my first ever
give away.

{I started to feel like Verizon or Comcast...
I gave something to one of my newest subscribers without offering anything to the 
loyal followers who have been with me a while!}

Just leave a comment.
Make sure I have your email.
And on Wednesday night I'll draw a name.
You'll get to choose your theme, and I'll send you a book,
fully decorated - all you'll have to do is add the photos.

Good Luck!

Congrats to Kim @ Little by Little!!

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  1. I like the sweet photo and and the lovely stripes of color. Sorry to hear that Creative Memories is having trouble.

    Hope I win too!

  2. I love how your scavenger hunt centered around your scrapbooking! The little peaks of your pages are lovely! I hate to hear that CM is having a rough time, I use a lot of their products!

  3. I am not a scrapbooker but I love the books. Perhaps you will be able to buy things from this company on line.

  4. ooohhhhh Adrienne, I too am so sad about creative memories, such quality albums!!

    You did an awesome job on shs, such beautiful pages you've created!!

    I thought of you when I was on the tappen zee bridge, I remember your similar shots!!

  5. Your books are beautiful. I'm sure anyone would love to have one, myself included. That renew book is really lovely.
    I hope you can find another place for your "tools" or that your current shop will find a way to stay afloat.
    You find great quotes. Each time I look for them I can't seem to find what will work. You must have a great source.
    Happy day to you.

  6. I don't want to enter - just wanted to say that the beautiful book you made for Eva is the only book I have ever completed. It is her "Alphabet Book about Me" and she loves it. We have swapped out photos of her and Theodore together on some of the pages. I am sorry to hear about the company... they products are of the highest quality and I would be sad too.

  7. I think the scrapbooking industry is on the decline - Archivers is having trouble, too.

  8. You're so crafty!! I am super impressed!!

  9. Someday soon I too will make an album filled with wonderful memories of my mother. I know you will be right there with me as laugh and cry. XO

  10. You do beautiful work! I'm amazed! My email is

  11. Awesome! And always such an inspiration!

  12. You really love your craft hobby and it shows. It was fun to see the prompts with a scrapbook theme. I do card making on my other blog so I can relate to your love of this craft.

  13. Love these! I so wish I had time for scrapbooking again. It's so relaxing. :)

  14. I didn't realize creative memories was having a hard time. I remember them from way back when. Sadness. Your giveaway looks great!

  15. I marvel at your talent Adrienne. I'm all thumbs when it comes to crafting these days. A very generous giveaway.

  16. I have so much Creative Memories stuff....things I will get to someday and things half finished. For about five years I spent every New Years Eve and NY Day scrapbooking the previous year. Need to get back to that tradition.

  17. Your books and layouts (the ones you share here) are always so lovely. I have photos on the walls, but none in books. How do I keep up with the choosing and printing??? I haven't figured that out yet.

    I love the shot of your tools up top--I need to replace my paper cutter, and I am missing it lately! ;)

  18. I am a scrapbooker and LOVE CM. I switched to digital (storybook creator) a few years ago and still use many of my old tools for lots of projects. I didn't hear they were going through a rough time. I LOVE their products and will be sad to see them stop.