Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kids! Paper! Scissors!

It's spring break week here in Boston, so we were joined by some great kids today during our weekly Tuesday workshop. I love watching kids work with the same paper and tools that I am so used to using. It never fails that they come up with something creative and new ~ something that had never crossed my mind! The brother (of the brother/sister pair) that scrapped with us today was insistent that his (older) sister not "copy" him! I had to chuckle...because when I make a page or come up with a design that someone wants to copy, I feel complimented ~ wonder at what age that changes? They spent the morning making cards for their parents and grandparents, and creating a scrapbook page or two. This particular (older) sister has been scrapping with me since she was 7...and is a very talented little scrapbooker.

The grown ups got to chat...I got some input on struggles I'm having with my mom, we got caught up on college visits and shared travel horror stories. While we traded stories, we finished up an eagle scout scrapbook, worked on some elementary school photos and did a couple of birthday layouts. There was coffee, and lunch...our normal Tuesday scrapping "therapy"! It has been a joy to discover and share a hobby with women who have become friends ~ I love having them into my home and am glad we carve out this time for ourselves every week!

Happy pics of my daughter meeting a friend's baby for the first time
The first part of a birthday layout ~ titles and accents still to be added

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