Friday, May 20, 2011

Charmed, It's True!

The light catches her blue eyes ~
Reflect the light. Reflect the sky.

The sand doesn't slow him down.
Between the fingers. Between the toes.

Stop. Smile by the ocean's edge.
Such a day. Quite a day.

Look at our beautiful little girl,
And her whirlwind of a brother.
Charm us they did! charm us,
they still do...And charm us,
I do believe, they always will.


  1. I love your scrap booking. Nothing beats a good family day at the beach! I can't wait for our trip in June!

  2. Yes, it is fun to see all your memories preserved. I love the dog's flapping ears.

    Kids are so charming. I am so glad to hear that still happens even when they grow up.

  3. They do weave a bewitching spell.

  4. Oh yes. They charm us for sure, and the future holds the same spell.

  5. And it's a darn good thing they can bring the charm every once in a while, because my three guys are perfecting the art of infuriating me these days! :)

    Lovely photos. Nothing like a good beach trip!

  6. They charm us always and forever :)

  7. I always love to see the pages you choose to show along with your Six Words. Wonderful memories!

  8. They're charmers for sure, those two. :)

  9. So, true. I fall for my son's charms way too many times each day.