Friday, May 27, 2011

kept whole

it lived deep inside my soul

before i knew its name or
its power. as i slept, or
wept, i now know it kept
my soul securely in its grasp.

a day came. i was prepped,
and leapt, and decided to accept
it. o what a happy day!
swept up. unaware that it got
me more than i got it.

i taught about it for years.
considered myself to be somewhat adept
at seeing it in other people.
hurts to admit that. often, without
listening to it, out i stepped.

but, remember. it knew me far
better than i knew it. from
deep inside my soul it kept
protecting me. led me back to
listening. to learning. and to me.

by grace my soul's been kept.


  1. This is lovely and the picture priceless. Just a beautiful moment captured.

  2. Wow, this is a priceless way to describe how our souls are kept! I love it. And, me too. Mine was protected for me for years, as I wandered away. But, I came back to it! It loved me first, and taught me all about love and life!!

  3. Beautiful and so rich! And the photo is a soulful capture. Love this.

  4. Amen!
    "it got me more than I got it" - oh my gosh, that's His sweetness, isn't it?

  5. i looove this. so true and my heart's cry, for sure.

  6. By grace: the perfect reminder to end on.

  7. Hi Sis!

    This is beautiful. Here is one of my stories...

    It was nearing 6 p.m. and I locked up the small observatory building. This was the first time I had driven up to the summit of Haleakela on my own and run the telescope by myself.

    As I walked down the short path back to my car the sun was just setting above a sea of clouds so prolific I couldn't see the real sea ;). The beauty was simply staggering.

    When I got to my car I stopped - literally frozen in my tracks - overwhelmed with a sense of fulfillment that I don't believe I had ever felt. I started crying. In what must have been only a period of a few seconds my teenage years seemed to play out before my eyes.

    As a senior in high school I had grown increasingly interested in cosmology. I had decided that one of my main requirements for college was to make sure the school had access to a big telescope. I researched all the big scopes of the time and applied to those schools (U. of Hawaii, Arizona, etc.). In the end I went to U. of Chicago and somehow "forgot" about cosmology.

    30 years (17 in Europe) and another continent later, I found myself (pun intended) on the summit of "The House of the Sun" - the best place on Earth to study the Sun and one of the best for nightime astronomy.

    My soul hadn't forgotten. It had been paitently guiding me here since the beginning.

    Let your soul be your pilot.

  8. I love the last line. Beautiful

  9. what a deep and heartfelt post. well written

  10. The photo evokes the meaning of your poem so well. Lovely.