Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Telling our Story

Where are your photos?
Ten years ago, mine were in plastic tubs and shoe boxes.

My daugter and I went away for three days to sort and file them.

Then I started to make scrapbooks!
When I started to make books, I was in search of a hobby. 
A "me time" thing.
And I desperately wanted to get all of our photos sorted and in a safe place. 

What I discovered through this activity was a passion for
story telling.
A passion for the history that ties generations of a family together
or the lives of good friends together.
A passion to discover what is unique about my story
and live it and record it.

In case you think I'm finished with our story, don't worry
I still have plenty of photos that aren't in books stored here:

and here:

Blogging is another great way to tell our story!
I fell in love with blogging thanks to a good friend
who records the story of her life
with her (almost) one year old munchkin as she blogs. 
I feel like I journey through the pages of a scrapbook
as I read her blog.
You can visit her here.

It's not the HOW that matters! I've discovered so many great blogs, seen photo albums
and digital books...even watched home movies!
What I think is so important is telling our story.
How are you telling yours?


  1. It is so important to tell our story and to listen to others tell theirs.