Friday, May 6, 2011


It's not yesterday I long for.

It's the yesterdays of earlier years
That call out loudly for me.
They question me, taunt me and
accuse me of not paying attention.

I'd like a backyard, summer, childhood
Yesterday. With mom's best chicken on
the hibachi and dad's baseball pop-ups
flying over the freshly mowed lawn.

I'd like a costumed, scripted, highschool
Yesterday. Under the lights, in full
makeup, surrounded by my workshop friends
who agree, "the play's the thing"!

And I'd really, really like a
playful, whimsical, giggly, cuddly "just us"
Yesterday. A Mommy, Daddy, Liss, Jer,
Pooh and Little Mermaid play date.

It's the yesterdays of earlier years,
now captured in photos and gathered
in albums that serve to remind
me that, "the true art of
memory is the art of attention."


  1. Oh, I can feel the ache for THOSE yesterdays!

  2. These pictures are priceless and the words lovely!

  3. I love those changes in focus. In the pictures and also in looking back through the lens of time.

  4. The yesterdays I want to capture are happening today! Feels like quite a responsibility, sometimes. :)

  5. Like Melissa said, I'm in the midst of the yesterdays I know I will vow to re-live years from now.

    Beautiful sentiment here. Your kids may now know or fully appreciate how lucky they are to have a willing and able family historian.

  6. I will remember to try harder to enjoy my todays because of this!

  7. As you saw in my post, yesterday taunts me sometimes too. This post is beautiful and aptly expresses the overarching theme of your blog.

  8. yes - the art of attention. agree. and unconditional love. :)