Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Must Read...

....or Listen!
0 miles ~ leaving home
386 miles ~ dad's house

On last week's solo road trip I listened to a book! I had never done this before, but I loved it. Not only did it make the trip go by more quickly, but I got to enjoy a wonderful book. I listened to Rob Lowe read his own autobiography. For anyone of our generation, it's a must read. He had me laughing ... yes, out loud, alone in my car. And crying. The stories he tells are fascinating. The humility and honesty with which he tells them...very moving. I guess I think it's a great read for anyone ~ but a must read for our generation, because you'll remember where you were when the astronauts walked on the moon as he's telling the story about being woken up out of a deep sleep to watch with his mom. And you'll have many other memories stirred as well. It was a great journey ~ reliving things as he tells stories, marvelling at the hollywood royalty that color his story, and learning from him and with him as he analyzes his story. I'll say it again - a must read!

781 miles ~ home!


  1. I might have to pick this up! I"m always looking for new books to read!

  2. I might read it . I saw him do an interview about it and he sounded like a nice down to earth guy.