Thursday, June 16, 2011

Out With My Girl!

I've tried to do this almost every Thursday because 'Mama Kat' sends us some writing prompts and that gives me ideas that I probably would never come up with on my own. There are also about 150 bloggers who usually join in with this link-up, and I enjoy discovering new blogs and seeing what other people do with her topic ideas.

One of her prompts this week was to talk about a recent 'Girls Night Out'. The first thing that came to my mind was a recent night out down town with my daughter.

It's pretty much a lifetime dream come true to have a daughter that's grown into a friend. And it's been a special blessing to have her living at home with us for about a year before she gets married. So she and I get some easy going nights in ~ like last guys around, just us...chick flick, sharing scandalous celebrity gossip, laughing until we cried (mostly bird drama jokes), and just being together. Love the comfort from this kind of friendship ... talk when you have something to say, no worries about silence ... work on projects together, or share space while doing our own thing. Last week I shared about our Savannah road trip ~ guess whatever we do, we have a good time doing it!

Back to our night on the town! We had been given two tickets to the Broadway touring show Mary Poppins!! So we parked and walked around in the freezing wind until we found a funky Mexican Cantina for dinner. Our margarita's warmed us up, and the food was yummy. We headed quickly to the theatre, taking cheesy pictures of ourselves all along the way. The show was magical. I know we were both singing along in our heads...and loving every minute of it!


  1. How wonderful to spend time with your daughter - and love doing so!! That's how I am about my son; I so love our time together.
    I'm not linking to Mama Kat's today - it's my son's birthday, so I had to post about him!

  2. What a great night out!! And even more special that you got to share it with your daughter!

  3. awesome story about your special night!!! are these paper scapbook pages or something you did digititally. they are really beautiful, i am completely addicted to scrapbooking!!!

    thanks for the visit and super kind comment you left on my blog. the balloon adventure was awesome!!! xo

  4. I wish my mom was a friend of mine but she's one that believes that moms and daughters shouldn't be friends. It makes me sad. I will just live vicariously through your daughter! Thanks for sharing it put a smile on my face!