Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today's Scrapbook Pages

About a week ago I shared some Ball Park Magic with you.

Thought I'd show you the scrapbook pages
I made today with my favorite photos from that night.

I got some shots of my favorite players, a couple of fans
and {of course} the beautiful sun set painted sky!
Enjoy ~


ayala said...

I love the way you do that! :) it is art!

Debbie said...

these are great....i always include memorabilia on my pages, are they the tickets stubs i see??

this is art, i have always viewed it that way!!!

Barbara said...

You do a great job on your pages! I wish I could be that creative! I always save things like ticket stubs or programs for memories but don't display them anything like you!

thesedaysofmine.com said...

Very nice! Although I haven't scrapbooked in years, I still save all the little souvenirs from things we do.
Once I started stamping and making greeting cards, I stopped scrapbooking!...