Thursday, August 4, 2011

{weight} loss

my whole adolescent and adult life
I have been
       Or been told I was fat.
       Or thought I was fat.
I spent years {thirty of them}
on a
        Or cheating on a diet.
        Or trying the latest diet.

  And then, one day, I was done.
I stopped living by food lists in        
         some book.
         And started listening to myself.
         And started learning about hunger.
         And started to know what tasted good to me.
         And what didn't.

It has taken me
          ten years.
          But I trust myself.

  Thanks to
family and close friends,
I have learned
         And patience.
         And am leaving self-loathing and punishment behind.
{weight} loss I am walking. Just walking.
I will not be
         Or jumping through hoops.
         Or being radical. {i hate that word}

  No matter
how quickly I actually experience the loss of some
          I know one thing for sure.
         This journey's for me.


  1. That is a beautiful poem, and an inspiring journey.

    How great that you have found out how to accept yourself and enjoy your life.
    I once heard of an 80-year-old woman who was still trying to lose weight.
    that just seemed nuts to me.
    We women are so good at being hard on ourselves.
    I hope you continue to enjoy your walk!

    from Simone @Greatfun4kids
    {stopping by from Mama Kat's linky; your post was a few above mine}

  2. This "healthy at every size" thing seems to be a growing trend. Women are sick and tired of being held to an impossible standard, and always feeling like we're "less".

    Congratulations on starting your journey!

  3. Adrienne, this is fantastic. Cheers for you.

  4. Great that you are so determined to do the best for your health.. Hope you reach your ideal weight in due time .

  5. Beautiful Poem. :) xx (visiting from Mama Kat's)

  6. Loved it. I don't run either. I always tell my friends, I only run if someone I don't want to catch me is chasing me, otherwise it's not worth the effort. Great Post

  7. Beautiful! There is more to life than the numbers on a scale!

  8. High five! This is a great post (and very inspiring!)

  9. good for you....really. when it comes to food or desert i always remember the titanic. all the women who ate less or skipped desert, for what?? tomorrow never came!!

    this is a great message for everyone, well done!!!

  10. Good for you. This is great and inspiring !

  11. So awesome! That sounds like the absolute best "diet" there could be. Good for you

  12. It's awesome that you decided to start listening and trusting and accepting your body more than the latest fads. I think being true to yourself is a key part in having a happy balanced life. No matter what size we are.

    Loved the post & hi from mamak's