Tuesday, September 6, 2011

At our house...

 ...there lives a bride to be.

And there lived a college student.
He packed up and moved out this weekend.

He didn't take his Legos.

And her Barbie days are past.

For some reason, this past weekend,
the emotion of these life transitions
hit me hard.

Childhood's over.
Time to let them be grown up.

I wish I was good at this.
With all the happiness that comes
from watching them flourish,
comes nostalgia.
I will focus on the good.
And wish, wish, wish
to be good at this!


  1. roots....wings and lot's of tears!!

  2. Oh Adrienne! Is it possible to be good at this? Maybe it is just possible to get through it, relatively intact emotionally. Sending huge hugs your way tonight.

  3. Just last night my youngest was discussing going to university next year and maybe moving out. Left me speechless - I don't want her or any of my girls to leave home. Makes me want to cry!!!

  4. Such great milestones that your children are achieving now! I can't even imagine how bittersweet it must be!

  5. Aw..... such a bittersweet time. I know it must be difficult. But you'll do great - you WILL focus on how happy they are!

  6. Adrienne, I know how you feel. It is so hard not to look back and want more time!

  7. maybe you are better at it than you think- you certainly were encouraging to us amidst all this over the weekend.
    love you!

  8. I know you will be good at it!! You will!! What a beautiful time, and hard time for mamas. The change will be different, but you will be good at this, I think you probably already are!


  9. My son just started first grade. All of a sudden he just looks so grown up to me. Kind of carries himself differently and he's growing like a weed! It goes by fast!

  10. What a transition time in your house!!!! I'm sure it's been crazy! Thanks for sharing! :)