Thursday, September 29, 2011


I don't fish.
I don't eat fish.
I don't like the smell of fish.

But my guys do.
My husband and son share a love of fishing.
It's one of their guy things,
And I love that they have it.

This campsite, only accessible by boat, is on the Prineville Resevoir in Oregon.
We love it there!
I get up real early for my morning coffee, the sunrise, some photos and quiet time.
The guys get up early to fish!

I love these photos of  "my guys" together on the water in the quiet of the morning.
Some of my all time favorites of the two of them!


  1. What an amazing thing for your son and husband to do together!

  2. How nice for them, I love to fish :)

  3. Food tastes so much better when you catch it yourself...

  4. These are the kind of trips and memories that stay with you always. I love this kind of family time.

  5. I loathe fish, too, but I'm sending my hubs on a fishing night (no wife, no kids) for his birthday. I love supporting him in what he loves!