Sunday, September 18, 2011

Showered {with love}

 "Shower the people you love with love
Show them the way that you feel
Things are gonna be just fine if you only will
Shower the people you love with love
Show them the way that you feel
Things are gonna be much better if you only will"

James Taylor

Yesterday family and friends showered my daughter
{and her husband-to-be}
with lots and lots of love.

Mama's feeling very grateful to our
gracious hosts,
an incredible matron of honor,
all the beautiful bridesmaids....
and a sea of very helpful flower girls!


  1. Oh James Taylor, i've not listened to him in a long time, must look something out.
    What a spread on that table - looks delicious. Hope you all had a good time.

  2. looks like lots of love was shared :))

  3. Beautiful quote, one of my favorite songs. Best wishes to your daughter and her love! It's obvious she's one special gal!

    Thanks for coming by my place!

    PS - now following!

  4. That looks awesome! And congrats to the happy couple.

  5. So beautiful! (Both the shower and the bride-to-be!) :)

  6. Congratulations both to the couple, and you for raising such a beautiful daughter - the goodness in her shows. And you can't beat JT. You have always showered those you love with love.

  7. oh i love james taylor, perfect for this.

    fun food for a shower. i love them so much better in someone's home....they are so much warmer and cozier!!

    it's getting close momma....are you ready??

  8. What a beautiful shower and daughter. Congrats to your family!

  9. The details are absolutely beautiful and your daughter is glowing! Congratulations!!

  10. Such a beautiful celebration! Best wishes to your daughter & her husband to be. :)

  11. Yes, the love is surely visible in those picures! That one of your daughter with all the little girls is so sweet.
    Looking forward to more of your pictures as the special day approaches!

  12. wonderful to have love in your life!!!!!! congratulations, a beautiful celebration.

  13. Beautiful~
    the song, the shower, your daughter, and you!