Sunday, September 25, 2011

Then You Become a Mother!

"You think that true love
is the only thing that can crush your heart....
The thing that will take your life
and light it up...
Or destroy it.
Then you become a mother."
Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

These days my heart is stirring. Whirring and stirring. Pondering the passing of time, the passing of a torch. I'm willing myself to focus on the joys and the celebration and the wonderful beginnings in my little girl's life. There's such joy in knowing she has chosen, and been chosen right back.
We are preparing to celebrate in fine fashion with our new family.
And her life long dream of her own little family is beginning to come true.

In my quiet, alone moments, I have to admit that the selfish, "want my kids to be mine forever" side of my heart is breaking a bit. It's such a whirring and a stirring ~ who could have imagined being so fiercely happy and proud and, yet, a little bit broken hearted all at the same time?!
It's crazy.
So, thanks for listening to that little bit of sad mommy eeking out.
Back to the joy!
I mean, look at her happiness!!


  1. this is just perfect....emotions that are difficult to express, impossible to put in to words. feelings only a mother understands!!

    beautiful....she looks so hapyy!!

  2. Adrienne, I remember as a family driving my sister across the state to college. The day was filled with excitement. Happy faces and hugs. Sending my sis off on her adventure. My mother cried the whole trip back. There are absolutely two hearts beating in a mother's chest. You are doing a wonderful job balancing it all, friend.

  3. I think every mother can understand the emotions that you are feeling.
    I hope your daughter will continue to live near you after she's married. Having her move far away would be sad to me if it were my daughter.

  4. I feel like I'm living these moments with you! Congratulations again and to your beautiful daughter.