Friday, October 28, 2011


Guests packed up and moved on.
Daughter's married off and moved in -
Elsewhere. We've survived chaotic months of
wedding prep, family visits, moves and
parties. And enjoyed every single minute.

Now, there's just the two of us.
And the sound of Cold Play
filling the living room...."oh, oh,
this could be para, para, paradise."


  1. Ah - but how soon will your paradise start screaming for noise? (I say this with the hope that when it's my turn, I'll appreciate the sounds of a quiet home as much as you do right now.)

  2. Awww...I was feeling kind of sad for you...thinking of you lonely...all the silence after the chaos.
    THEN I read the "oh, oh,
    this could be para, para, paradise." lyric and I start to laugh!
    Loved this!!! :))

  3. Oh my - your before living room and after is crazy! So this is what happens 20 or so years from now? (surveying my toy covered floor) Nice!

  4. Enjoy that paradise! You've earned it. :)

  5. don't waste a lot of time crying. the empty nest is not so bad!!

  6. Enjoy every minute! Especially the silence ;)