Sunday, October 23, 2011

Play Hard!


"When you play,
         play hard;
when you work,
      don't play at all."
              Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday, under a cloudy, autumn sky, we sat in the stands and watched my son play his last soccer game of the regular season. He had a great game! He scored the first goal, was on the field most of the game, and fought hard up and down the field. It was an extra special day because my brother (who lives on Maui) was with us at the game. He's played soccer all of his life and, like my son, always chooses the number 13 when he can! The team has tournament play over the next few weeks, so we'll see how far they get!

I love watching Jeremy play - cause he has that sports thing of "leaving it all on the field"...don't think he knows how to play (or work) half- heartedly. And I really admire that about him!


  1. got some great action shots of him!!

    i love soccer, both my boys played. my youngest even traveled to bermuda to play. it was an awesome experience!!

  2. Oh that's awesome... sounds like it's something he really enjoys! And that quote is awesome too! :)


  3. These are great action shots Adrienne!

  4. Such great pictures! It is amazing to see the love for your children through your words and pictures.

  5. Great shots! Looks like a perfect way to spend an afternoon. :)

  6. Sounds like that is the perfect quote for your son! And he is a tall one! Glad your brother could attend one of his games - that's special.