Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting Better

My yesterdays have come and gone.
Photos, scrapbooks and my maternal heart
carry the best of the memories.
Tomorrow is said to hold the
promise of something better. But after
{almost} fifty-one years of yesterdays spent
{too often} living for that promise,
I'm actually getting pretty good at
this 'living in the moment' thing 
people talk about. I ask you,
"What could be better than that?"


  1. Yay! I'm learning to live more in the moment too. Used to be stuck in the past quite a bit. Shaking that thinking off - it's getting easier too. :)

    Beautiful photo!

  2. Nothing could be better! In light of the past, in hope of the future, live in the now. (I try...) :)

  3. It's amazing to be almost 51! Congrats! Especially on leaning to live in the NOW :o)

  4. nothing better....gorgeous picture!! as we get older we get better!!

    have a happy saturday!!

  5. nice!
    It is so difficult to live in the now. I tend toward the "someday."

  6. I always live in someday...I need to really start living in the NOW