Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More DIY Christmas Fun!

This DIY phase I'm in started after I gave my daughter all her ornaments that we've collected for her over the years for her first Christmas tree as a married woman!! It was so fun to pass them along ~ like I'd always imagined. After I did that, I wrapped up her brother's ornaments....cause we couldn't just put his on the tree without hers. And I started to wonder....what's our tree going to look like now?? I felt like I was staring at a blank page (or canvas...you get the idea). I started to look around on line and in some stores but I felt very disconnected from the decorations that I saw. Just no sentimental attachment ~ and I'm all about my sentimental attachment to the traditions of our Christmases.

So, I slowly realized that I was going to have to invest in the creation of our new tree...our new "Christmas" look ~ or I wouldn't be happy with it. I went through all our decorations, kept what I loved, and got rid of the rest. Then I started looking around for pretty things to make!! These sparkly glass balls caught my eye ~ so I searched the blogosphere for some helpful instruction, and found it here. I followed all her directions (but didn't pay for the Martha Stewart glitter - just bought the extra fine glitter I found in the kids craft section at AC Moore). I have to tell you....I HAD SO MUCH FUN!! Not sure I'm going to stick with the gold ribbon - I'll keep you posted!

We're going to put up our tree this weekend ~ just me and my husband! So I have some more work to do between now and then. Let some new traditions begin!!


  1. I love how creative you are!! We are doing family ornaments each year in addition to the one for the kids, that way I still have something to hold on to in the future.

  2. I've seen these somewhere else this season. They're beautiful. I'm sure your tree will be different this year, but I'm betting it will be beautiful and special!

  3. jill at chillin with jill did these also!!

    you are on a roll and i am just a tad jealous!!

    ooooohhhh, they are gorgeous, i like the ribbon!!