Monday, January 30, 2012

bean town

I love Boston.
I know I've said before that one of the things I adore here
is the blending of the old and new.
Here are some of the beautiful old town houses of the Back Bay
set against the towering, mirrored Hancock building.
And you don't have to try hard to get these shots -
took this one quickly out of the car window as we headed home.

We went in town yesterday to meet some 'old' friends
and visit a 'new' church.
Some of our kids were with us
and the day, like the photo,
was a wonderful mingling of old and new...
of generations,
of history and adventure...
Of what we know and what's still to be discovered.

 then, she {snapped}


  1. Hello, new follower. Stopped over from Show off your Shot. Have a great day.

  2. Boston is where I yearned to set down roots. I love that town! BUT, many many moons ago when the Better Half and I were first married and done schooling we ventured to Boston to search out a place to set up business and our life. There was just no darn way we could afford to set down roots there. The housing was just gosh awful expensive. Sigh :(. I honestly do not know how anyone starts off a life there AND owns a home. is one heck of a town and area.


  3. i have never been to boston, i would like to change that!!

    gorgeous picture!!

  4. My son was there last week. He had an interview for his residency. He says that it's beautiful there. I wish he would choose to go there. Actually I just hope he picks the place he loves the most :) Your post makes me want to go.... :)

  5. We visited Boston last year; it was an interesting place!

  6. I absolutely love Boston! I can't wait to take my kids and husband one day, they have never been!