Friday, January 20, 2012

Do You Know What Today Is?

For those who might not know,
For those who have not heard,
I'm spreading the word - telling you
all {six words at a time} ready?...drum roll please!
Today is National Penguin Awareness Day!!
Lest you think I jest, here's
link that'll help you believe.

We love penguins at my house.
My son is madly in love
with the aquatic birds from Antarctica.
Obsessed, one might suggest. He loves
the real ones, the stuffed ones,
the cartoon, statuette or decorative ones.
And each and every endangered one.

So, today I'll ask you to
STOP what you're doing and GO
here for photos: The Daily Penguin 
Or here to learn more: Wikipedia
Share a penguin book or movie
with your kids, or just hug
the penguin lover in your life!

My sweet Jer, consider yourself hugged!

to Melissa and company:
forgive the silly liberties I took
with this week's topic - Stop and Go!


  1. Aw, I had no idea that penguins had their own day! Thanks for clueing me in.

  2. How cute! I never would have known.

  3. I just sent your link to a friend who loves penguins. If anyone would know and be celebrating too, it would be her!!

  4. Haha...I will have to tell my daughter (if she doesn't ALREADY know)...she is such a penguin freak :)


  5. NO WAY! Penguins made our list!!
    (Our top to-dos for 2012).
    Will find a way to celebrate,
    and of course mark the calendar
    to plan ahead for next year!

  6. National Penguin Awareness Day: who knew?! :D

  7. soooo fun when our kids have a favorite "thing". as moms, we are always on the hunt!!

    the aquarium in mystic has a great penguin display!!!

  8. I didn't know this, either. I know tomorrow is squirrel day!

  9. Can not believe I was unaware of penguins last week! One of our family traditions is to visit a certain nursing home every year on Christmas Day. We have a group that we have grown to love and check on each year. One of these ladies, Virginia, is the queen of penguin love! She owns all things penguins and is a store of penguin facts. I just wish we would have known about Penguin Awareness so we could have gotten it on her calendar!