Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fitting into the Bigger Picture

I'm a very gracious person.
I'm pleasantly kind, benevolent and courteous.
I am merciful and compassionate.
I genuinely seek to love and understand and learn from other people.
I struggle to find the soft place in my heart that allows me to forgive others.
Even those that have hurt me the most.

Problem is....
I have a very hard time treating myself with the same spirit of grace.
I have lived, since childhood,
with a gnawing sense that I am not enough.
Not pretty enough, not smart enough, not talented enough,
not disciplined enough...not enough.

I know that's not true. I really know it.
I hold on to spiritual truths that teach me otherwise.
I am loved.
And that constant love from my husband, children, family and friends
teaches me, reminds me and helps me to love myself.

On valentines day I bought myself a present.
I've wanted a cross necklace for several years...but just couldn't find the right one.
When I saw this one ~ well, I knew I had to have it.
With the cross is a mama bird {that's me!}
and a pearl...a kingdom pearl.

Buying myself a present seems insignificant.
But for me, it's a big deal.
It's permission to treat myself as I would treat others.
It's a reminder to live as I am - I am loved.
It's a kindness that I've shown myself.

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  1. What a lovely gift - a well deserved one just for you. It is so pretty.

  2. That cross necklace is beautiful. A great gift for yourself. I love this

    "It's a reminder to live as I am - I am loved.
    It's a kindness that I've shown myself"

  3. that is a beautiful necklace & I think it suits you perfectly! ♥

  4. It is a beautiful necklace that you bought for yourself. Treat yourself with kindness, my friend. You ARE enough! :)


  5. I understand the significance of buying yourself a gift. I so related to what you have written here. And I am sending you a big virtual pat on the back for giving yourself this meaningful and beautiful gift. May the giving be even more gift than the necklace!

  6. That is so beautiful! The necklace is so pretty too . . .I love the "kingdom pearl" . .. The Pearl of Great Price is one of my favorite scriptures!

  7. So happy that you did that for yourself. My mom always told me to allow myself those guilty pleasures when I talked myself out of something. She always said that I should surround myself with beautiful things and I will have a happy life. :) Enjoy it my friend!

  8. Treating our self with the kindness we show others, why is that so hard? I struggle with that too.

    And your necklace is beautiful!

  9. I've lived with this 'not enough' whisper, too. Something about motherhood has changed my mind...and that necklace is beautiful! I'm glad you found it and went a few extra steps to remind yourself of how perfectly you fit into this life :)

  10. Awesome. It's such an empowered statement, to buy a gift for yourself. Brava to you.

  11. said it all!!

  12. I LOVE that necklace! I've never seen one like it. Hooray for you: buying yourself a gift!
    Wear it in good health.