Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Small Strokes that Paint a Bigger Picture

A simple text.
A hug.
A scribbled note or a pretty card.
A knowing glance.
A hand held
A joke shared.
Thank you.
The child's hand picked dandelion.
The husband's call from the car.
The friend's "Are you OK?"

We have so very many chances every single day to express our love.
And each smile, each gesture, each word
is the stroke of a paint brush.
Taken by itself, it doesn't seem like much.
But when added up over days and years
the masterpiece of a loving relationship is created.

Today began with a text from my son.
A college kid on his way to class.
He didn't have to ~ we don't have any "check in" rules.
He could have thought of it and just not bothered.
I know he loves me, so I don't really "need" it.

But it sure was a nice way to start the day.

Simple BPM
Bigger Picture Moments are at Hyacinth's today.


May said...

Wonderful! These are the things that really move us, plain and simple acts of love.

Debbie said...

if they only knew how much it really is the little things, the small, kind gestures of love. this is what it's all about. i adore your title, you really have a way with words!!

Ginny Marie said...

You're right; we don't need our loved ones to tell us they love us. But is very nice when they do!

This Heavenly Life said...

So sweet! And it IS those tiny moments -- more than the grand, planned gestures -- that make a difference to us when the going gets tough.

Lovely words today!

ayala said...

so sweet :)

93percenttrue said...

I'm thankful that my wife is 18x more thoughtful than I am and I get random texts here and there.

I did remember to e-mail her the tax documents last week, so we're almost even.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Aww!! Those little things. They really do make a difference. What a lovely son you have!

Dianna said...

My son and I text all the time.... love it!

Barbara said...

Little messages like that can brighten up my entire day! I hope my sons turn our half as thoughtful as yours!

Hyacynth said...

Oh, it's a wonderful way to start the day. Thanks for the reminder that we can be that first voice of the morning to someone else. :)