Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Don't Design the Bigger Picture

I'm a planner. Last week, when my husband had a business meeting in Norwalk, CT, I planned to use the time he was in a meeting to take a walk. To explore. I found this map on the Norwalk website, and thought that it looked like a really pretty harbor walk. An old house, an old cemetery, a trail through a little park and a view of the harbor. Well, it was a nice idea. And I did walk. There was a cool house (used to film the recent Stepford Wives movie) and an old cemetery. After that there was nothing but construction, old railroad tracks, the city dump and some dirty, marshy water. I walked for a while, but then turned back. I had spotted an Artist's Market as I was driving to my 'scenic' walk, so I decided I'd go look at crafts while I waited for my husband's call.

Here's the pretty old house.

Here's the old graveyard.

Here's the rest of the "scenic" walk.

Do you see why I left?
Walking into the Artist's Market was about what I expected. A beautiful collection of hand made, one of a kind jewelry, wood pieces, pottery...etc., etc.

It wasn't until I made it to the back corner of the store that I understood why I was there.
Why things hadn't turned out exactly as I planned.
Why I'd been led from plan A to "plan" B.

The owner of this market has an astounding collection of signed MC Escher prints.
He has some of his tools.
And some of his original pencil sketches that would later become carvings for a print.
My brother LOVES Escher.
I spent a long time gazing at each print.
I got to speak with the owner and collector and ask lots of questions.
It was easy to get lost in the genius of this artist.

I'm glad I'm a planner ~ because if I hadn't planned a walk, 
I would have never have noticed this place or seen these prints.
I'm also glad that I'm learning, more and more, to go with the flow.
I felt led here.
The hour that I spent in this gallery was a gift.
A gift from the One who sees and understands the bigger picture.
Who knows that a walk was good.
But there was something better waiting for me.
The One who gave me time in a place that connected me to my brother who's half a world away.
I was reminded that I'm not the designer or architect of the Bigger Picture.
From time to time we all experience a moment when we know that we're
where we're meant to be.
And that getting there had little to nothing to do with us.


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  1. That's a lesson I think I learn daily through the antics of my little boys. I'm not the planner of the BP -- beautiful moment and bigger picture, Adrienne!

  2. Without doubt the BP is the simplicity in our life and I have no idea where I would be without it.

    Loved the images with this post, too. Well done, Adrienne! :)


  3. Well Sis, as usual this is quite wonderful. Next time I'm in the neighborhood I'm going to check this place out!

    And to quote from one of my favorite musicals: "What an unexpected surprise!"; "Is there any other kind?"

  4. As I read on i felt a smile creep onto my face and then grow with each additional phrase. I love moments like this. Serendipity is just a fun word for God's plan!

  5. I love when that happens! And I'm loving your photos Adrienne.

  6. What lovely treasures! I'm so glad you found them. I just love that old house.

  7. My son is also a fan of Escher. Glad everything worked out for you- but then...that was the "Plan"!
    Oh, and what a beautiful old house!

  8. I am sorry that the walk wasn't what you thought it would be but it looks like it turned out for the best.

  9. Adrienne, your pics are many wonderful things happened in an instant...unplanned is a part of the happiness.

  10. life on a detour....that last picture is amazing!!

  11. wow..what great pics to go with a great story and lesson. fun things can happen when we open our eyes!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy weekend!